Clichés only work in this instance: My dreams have finally come true!

November 26, 2020



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve envisioned, purposefully visualised, fantasied about this moment. On Saturday, I finally found not one, but two agencies who LOVE my book and want to represent me, keep me, and champion me.

Anything I say will sound cliché, about “dreams coming true” and “waiting for this moment forever”, but now I understand why these statements were invented.

For “Little Holly” this is something I have dreamt of my ENTIRE childhood, through my teens, all through my twenties: sending off shitty manuscripts to the big literary agents hoping someone would love me enough and finally, to now. I would have received over 200 rejections in total with all the manuscripts I’ve ever sent out, but still, I never gave up. I knew that it would come for me. I knew I was a good writer. Even it’s taken years of practice to craft and polish and create an awesome story.

These past four days have been very surreal. Moments of crying, laughing, secret dancing, celebrating, crying, laughing, meditating, running, sitting, smiling, loving how all my hard work and perseverance has paid off.

But this news isn’t just about gaining an agent. It’s done so much more than what I could have imagined. It’s boosted my self-worth. It’s given me a massive sense of confidence. It’s made me realise just how self-motivated and self-determined I am. It’s made my daughters look at their mum and know that they too can achieve something grand, through any rejections they receive in their lives. I feel strong for them. I feel strong for Little Holly.

People love my book. And not just any people. Two of the biggest and most reputable agencies in London. They see it as a series. The agent is calling it “gold dust”. They LOVE my protagonist Claire!!

I can sit with this feeling for now and know that It’s true what they say: What you seek is seeking you. If you put in the work. If you never give up. If you put in massive action.

I’m going to have to pick out of these incredible agents. And what a wonderful dilemma that is.

And finally I get to write about my own process with gaining an agent!

Thanks for stopping by,

Happy Holly


  1. Louise

    You know how thrilled I am by this news! I’ll save this post to show others when they need a bit of motivation, and also to show that it’s not just about fantasising, dreaming and visualising you future, but about putting your bum in your chair and doing the hard work, too.

    • Holly Craig

      Lots of hard work, and help from people like you!!


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